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Hanhe Chen

Founder | Chairman

In 1998, Megasoft Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. founded by Mr. Chen Hanhe was established in the Philippines, mainly engaged in the production of sanitary napkins and diapers. For more than 20 years, Mr. Chen has kept his original intention and devoted himself to the hygiene products industry. He has attached great importance to the innovation and transformation of enterprises, and actively advanced the reforms of new products, new technologies, new models, and new formats.
In his personal achievements and honors, Mr. Chen Hanhe has successively won the vice chairman of the Sanitation Products Branch of the China Light Industry and Commerce Association, the honorary chairman of the Fujian Provincial Hygienic Products Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of the first council of the Shishi Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, the first supervisory director of the Shishi General Chamber of Commerce, and the State Foreign Exchange The honorary title of judge of the Shishi Branch of the Administration Bureau, and was awarded the "Outstanding Builder of Non-public Economy in Fujian Province" in 2019.

Xuanye Chen

CEO | General Manager

Mr. Chen graduated from York University with a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics, and a master's degree from Imperial College London with a master's degree in strategic marketing. Since appointed as the vice president on August 8, 2016, he has made significant contribution to the continuous global business growth and development for group. Mr. Chen is also in charge of the development strategy planning and overall internal management of the Megasoft Group. He has extensive experience in global sales, marketing, human resource management, financial management, and lean production.

Fangdi Cai

CFO | Financial Director

Mr. Cai graduated from Huaihai Institute of Technology with a major in financial management. From 2006 to 2018, he served as the main accountant and financial manager in Hengan Group. He has accumulated rich experience in financial management and is currently the director of the financial department of Megasoft Group.