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Ten years of hone, we set sail again!

Date: 2022-10-08



On October 7th, our company convened the 2022 offline finals, and the national marketing elite team gathered at the Megasoft headquarters.


The brand of more than 10 years relies on the company's strong innovative technology and quality production, excellent marketing team, and the market strategy of keeping pace with the times and constantly innovating.  


At the conference, Chairman Chen and Director Chen of the group delivered speeches, briefly reviewing the achievements in 2022 and expressing new prospects for 2023. OBM marketing director Mr. Jiang, and domestic offline business director Mr. Wang, set up a comprehensive strategy about our private brands for 2023, including brand upgrades, product strategies and market operation strategies.


In the new year, Megasoft's private brands will further expand its territory in the fields of baby care, female care, adult care, and daily personal care, bringing better products, services and experiences to customers and consumers.


2023 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Megasoft's private brands; all sales elites are ready to occupy a larger position in the Chinese region, we will usher in a change, will attack in the change either!