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Date: 2022-10-14


The long-term vitality of the production enterprise and the core of high-quality products all come from the scientific research and innovation of the enterprise. Continuous innovation is a capability and a value. It is deeply embedded in the foundation of the enterprise and helps the development of the enterprise.   


Over the past 20 years, Megasoft has been adhering to the consumer-oriented approach to making product innovation. It is for this reason that in the business competition, the record is constantly refreshed.


In 2022, our company has another new technological work---the black technology core of diapers! After nearly 2 years of exploration, after countless consumer insights, laboratory research, adjustment, correction and proofing, it finally came out.


On October 8, an internal meeting of R&D and the national offline elite team was held to demonstrate and explain the ultra-high performance and unique appearance of the new black technology core. This black technology core increases the expansion space of the core, and significantly improves the utilization rate of SAP, the best absorption force and improve the wearing comfort of the baby.


The R&D department showed the unique features of "black technology core" to the domestic offline sales team, and also display the unique patents belonging to "black technology", which surprised the domestic offline sales team and was convinced by the high absorption performance of the unique core body , which is different from the unique selling point of the same industry.